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Poulvac® Myco F

Mycoplasma Gallisepticum Vaccine, Live Culture, Avian Isolate

Poulvac® Myco F is a live vaccine containing the F strain of Mycoplasma gallisepticum in a freeze-dried preparation. It is recommended for use in healthy chickens 9 weeks of age or older by spray administration to aid in the prevention of clinical signs associated with Mycoplasma gallisepticum infection.

  • Helps protect against production losses and mortality1
  • Easily administered
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  • 188体育平台Supplied in 10 x 1,000 and 10 x 10,000 dose units

    Vaccine Preparation:

    1. Do not open and mix the vaccine until ready for use.
    2. Mix only 1 vial at a time and use the entire contents within one hour.
    3. Remove the tear-off aluminum seal from the vaccine vial without disturbing the rubber stopper.
    4. Use cool, clean, non-chlorinated drinking water to which evaporated milk has been added at a rate of 1 ounce per quart (30 mL per liter).
    5. Hold the vial submerged in water, lift the lip of the rubber stopper so that the water is sucked into the vial.
    6. Reseat the stopper and shake to thoroughly dissolve the vaccine. The vaccine is now ready for use.

    Spray Administration:

    1. Proper spray application of the vaccine is accomplished only through the use of a clean sprayer emitting a coarse spray.
    2. Use the spray method only in houses that can be closed during vaccination and for at least 15 minutes thereafter. Cross winds, drafts or ventilation fans may prevent effective application.
    3. After rehydrating the vaccine, further dilute each 1,000 doses to 100 mL using the water with milk.
    4. Place the vaccine in a sprayer container. Spray droplets of 40 – 50 microns (coarse) average size are desirable.
    5. Apply vaccine over all birds at the rate of 1 dose per square foot or 1 dose per bird, whichever is greater.
    • For Veterinary use only.
    • Poulvac Myco F should not be administered within 1 week before or after vaccination with live Newcastle, bronchitis or laryngotracheitis vaccines, or within 3 days before to 7 days after treatment with oxytetracycline or chlortetracycline.
    • Mycoplasma gallisepticum F strain is known to produce clinical disease in turkeys.
    • Vaccinate only healthy birds. To avoid interference with the development of protection, chickens to be vaccinated should not be given any antibiotic and/or sulfonamide medication for 3 days before and 7 days after vaccination.
    • All birds within a flock should be vaccinated on the same day. Isolate other susceptible birds on the premises from the birds being vaccinated.
    • Do not dilute the vaccine or otherwise stretch the dosage.
    • This vaccine contains penicillin.
    • Use only in the United States where permitted.

    Storage and Handling:

    • Store at 35° – 45°F (2° – 7°C).
    • Do not spill or spatter the vaccine.
    • Use entire contents of vial when first opened.
    • Burn empty bottles, caps and all unused vaccine and accessories.
    • Wash hands thoroughly after using the vaccine.
    • Do not vaccinate within 21 days of slaughter.
    • Keep a record of vaccine type, quantity, serial number, expiration date and place of purchase; the date and time of vaccination; the number, age, breed and location of the birds; names of operators performing the vaccination and any observed reactions.
    1. Data on file, Study Report No. PPH-0007, Zoetis Inc.


  • Not for human use.
  • Do not vaccinate within 21 days before slaughter.



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